Digital Cyber Security

ENVY provides end-to-end advisory, protection and monitoring services to secure your organization.

ENVY advises on your cybersecurity strategy depending on your current level of maturity to help you define your security perimeter, objectives and procedures.

ENVY protects your systems with our cybersecurity solutions and monitor your system to detect and react in advance of cyber attacks.

What We Offer

Security Events Monitoring
We provide 24 x 7, 365 days of management and monitoring of various types of devices such as Firewall, Router, etc. We also perform logs analysis and correlation for better monitoring.
Security Incident Management
Security Incident Management is a response service for any security intrusion, on-line theft or denial of service attacks against ICT infrastructure managed by the client.
Perimeter Management
We provide 24 x 7, 365 days of management and monitoring of intrusion detection for network and servers.
Professional Services
We provide a team of experts on-site to assist your organisation with its security requirements.
Vulnerabilities Management
We provide periodic or scheduled vulnerability testing or scanning on known and unknown vulnerabilities. We offer vulnerability announcement or security advisory service on the latest vulnerabilities.

Managed Security Services

PT ENVY Technologies Managed Security Services (MSS) offers 24×7 real-time network surveillance of an organisation in order to minimise ICT security risk.

We provide management and monitoring of network traffic to identify threats inside and outside the client’s network.

We deliver comprehensive, real-time identification and analysis of real-security events that require immediate action, thus preventing costly downtime and potential loss of revenue for the organisation.

ENVY Computing Services

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