Corporate Affair

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!

~ Benjamin Franklin

A business case is presented and the feasibility of a project is discussed thoroughly. The initiation of a project shall be based on feasibility, investment returns to the stakeholders and time taken to implement successfully. For each questions of who, where, what, when , which and why need to be answered precisely in achieving the specific goals where by time schedule is set via appropriate tools and soft wares.

A kick off meeting shall be held to mark the count down and during this meeting whereby the team members involved are informed of their responsibility. The Project monitoring for project progression, measuring the performance and aligned to the project management plan.

Once the project is completed, we shall reviewed the budgetary figures against actual and a “post-mortem“ session is held in evaluating the audit trays of what went well and identify the project road blocked and failures.

The Final stage and concluding the A PROJECT as completed shall be the final preparation of project documents by collecting all project documents related and safekeeping either in hardcopy or softcopy.

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